the twilight garden

As you may know, my most recent project has been finished. It was a labour of love, and it was the project I chose to focus on during November of 2016 (National Novel Writing Month). While the challenge is fun, I feel a bit like a cheater as I do not write novels–I write until the story is finished, regardless of the length. 
I’ve struggled with where and how to publish this book (and my others), and I have come to the conclusion that having my work for sale through distribution channels is not really my where I want my work to be. Yes, I would absolutely adore if people bought my work in mass numbers, but in the end my work is not meant for the masses. 

Synopsis: Josephine Bray is not insane. She is not delusional, nor are the things that she sees and hears mere hallucinations. She has a connection to every event that has ever happened on the grounds of her ancestral home, Whitmour Manor, whether traumatic or not. As a child, she thought they were her friends, imaginary or otherwise. She did not understand what she was experiencing. Put down and ignored by her mother, Josephine retreated into her own mind and began to develop relationships with the people that were not there. As she aged, her mother sought professional help for her daughter, but no one seemed to be able to help her. That is, until Doctor Leland Scott was called upon after the untimely death of Mr. Reginald Bray, Josephine’s father. 
With the help of her psychiatrist, Josephine travels down the halls of her home and the memories that are hidden within the locked rooms, the boarded servants tunnels, and the mysterious garden tucked away in the foggy forest. Will Josephine and Leland find out the truth of what happened at Whitmour Manor? Will they ever be able to forget the connection they have?

This ebook was inspired by my mother’s constant battle with Schizophrenia. For the longest time, I fought the idea that my mother was any less normal than the other parents around her–I created a concept that perhaps not all people diagnosed with Schizophrenia were actually suffering from a mental illness, perhaps they were just tuned into a higher frequency and communicated with spirits.

GO HERE TO COLLECT THE BOOK. Click “collect” and you will be taken to my PayPal.Me page (learn more). Because I have multiple projects listed, please specify the title you wish to collect.

I am forever grateful to everyone who has offered support over the years–writing is a labour of love, as well as blood-sweat-tears. Especially when I am inspired, I know that I can be rather difficult and I am overjoyed to have the love of those closest to me even in my moody moments. 
I hope that any who visit and enjoy my words are inspired to share the publication of this project. <3
Here is the Pinterest board for the project, and here is the Goodreads page.
Each of my books have a deeper meaning, under the surface. This one not only deals with the idea that perhaps those suffering from Schizophrenia are tuned into something more than we can hear or see, but also the struggle a person has to comprehend their place in the world and the problems we can develop, as children, due to our elders actions–whether out of sight or not.


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