the witches of marble falls

Magic has always held tightly to my hand and inspired me. My spirituality is one of my muses, and I have always dreamt of writing something that deals deeply with the ancient roots of my soul. Deep forests, thundering waterfalls, long, silent roads–these are some of the places in which I find a connection with the Magic I was raised with. 

Synopsis: Nestled off the highway within trees, on the banks of a lake covered in fog and surrounded by mountains capped in white, rests the small town of Marble Falls. The Wakefield siblings–Emilia and Valerie and Daphne and Hayden–are sent to live with their aunts Agatha and Kittie after their parents are killed in a hit and run. Confused about their mother’s fear of the town and inspired by their aunts’ strange abilities, Emilia and Valerie dive into the towns rich history of Witchcraft and find that some questions are best left unanswered.

This ebook started as a completely different tale, but after finishing that manuscript I chose to take the tale in a different direction. I am so in love with the setting of this novella–Marble Falls is a fictional town I created, presumably in Montana near the southern border of the state. I pulled inspiration from numerous images and memories of beautiful lakes surrounded by mountains and forests. 

Your support is so amazing, and I am grateful that so many people encourage me and my writing. Thank you all for sticking beside me, even when I am moody and difficult and dark. 

I hope that any who visit and enjoy my words are inspired to share the publication of this project. <3
Here is the Pinterest board for the project, and here is the Goodreads page.
On the surface, this tale is simple–coming of age and finding our place in the world, but that isn’t all that this story reveals in its pages. It touches on the concept that without the darkness, there would be no light and whether we like it or not, hard decisions need to be made, and there is always a reason as to why someone would choose to stray from a positive path.
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