I have recently begun working on an idea that is rather close to my heart. Having dealt with mental illness my entire life, I know how amazing having a person just listen is–and that is why I decided to create Sanctuary–An Initiative.

My intent with sanctuary is to provide anyone and everyone a way to discuss and work through the thoughts swirling in their heads. I will be whatever the person needs–an ear, a shoulder, wisdom, adorable photos of kittens, and what have you. In response to every message or email I receive, I will create a post designed to inspire and lift up the anonymous contact. No names will be shared, no situations–a pretty picture and a corresponding quote. 
I have lived most of my life feeling unable to speak about my issues with someone. I see this initiative as a sort of unofficial therapy for those of us who fear opening ourselves to those in our lives. We should be able to trust our loved ones explicitly, and though we may be able to, in reality, our illnesses may make it difficult to move past the obstacles. 

If you ever feel the need to unburden your soul, or you just seek an unbiased person to listen to your struggles, I am here. My inbox is always open.


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