persephone and hades

Mythology has always inspired me. There is nothing more exciting than a well-written legend, and the tales of various deities from around the world are some of the best stories in history. Greek mythology has interested me since I was a young girl, and the tale of Persephone and Hades has always been one that intrigued me.

During the writing of this tale, I was honouring Persephone and Hades on a regular basis in my spiritual practice. I wrote this tale as a tribute, in honour of them, and as a way to use my greatest skill in a way that would benefit me spiritually.

Synopsis: We all know the myth of how Hades saw Persephone and just had to have her as his wife. In the myth, there is an abduction and other negative things that paint Hades in a horrible way. But, what if the truth of that myth was something beautiful and filled with love and longing and destiny? What if Demeter, Persephone’s mother who was heartbroken at her daughter leaving her and enraged by the fact that she would be in the Underworld, spread lies about their story? This tale sheds a new light on what happened between Persephone and Hades, and it shows that there can be light in the darkest of places, and darkness in the sunlight.

I know that the typical myth of Persephone and Hades deals with kidnapping and rape, however that has never been my experience with the deities. I have seen nothing but love and admiration between them–there is no fear, no distrust, no hatred. Because of this, I always assumed that Persephone left of her own choice and her mother, in a jealous rage, spread lies and rumours about the entire situation. This is what I chose to bring to light in this tale.

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I am forever grateful to everyone who has offered support over the years–writing is a labour of love, as well as blood-sweat-tears. Especially when I am inspired, I know that I can be rather difficult and I am overjoyed to have the love of those closest to me even in my moody moments. 
I hope that any who visit and enjoy my words are inspired to share the publication of this project. <3
Here is the Pinterest board for the project, and here is the Goodreads page.


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