It has been a while since I last sat outside and watched the moon rise. I missed the beauty of the sunsets, how the light casts vivid colours on the clouds and paints streaks of pink in the distance. The days are getting longer, the sun is setting later each day, and I am told–by the warm breeze and the bright sun–that Spring is not far off. I know we have at least one more cold spell in store; the desert is fickle when it comes to the changing weather, and sometimes graces us with March snows. I do not miss the heat of Summer (I am not overly fond of high temperatures), but I am looking forward to the many activities that Summer promises to bring. 
In the desert, the sky is a canvas and light is the paint–the colours that are spread over the white clouds range from pink to orange to purple. Some of the most gorgeous scenes are seen at dusk, and I don’t think anywhere else has the same beauty as the desert. It is so open, so clear. Yes, I miss the ocean and the forests and the perpetually overcast days–but I could not have left my home for a more beautiful place. 
This weekend promises to be a lovely one, with the sky being lit by the full moon, a partial lunar eclipse teasing us, and a comet in the skies. There must be something special about this weekend–or perhaps the goings-on above us is what is special. Either way, I feel magic in the air and something is calling me to honour the Great Spirit this weekend. 


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