This time of year in the desert is always a confusing time–the days are getting longer, the sun rising earlier and setting later, but the air still holds the bite of Winter and the threat of at least one more Winter Storm looms on the horizon. The mountains are still covered in white and grey patches of snow and rocks, yet the bees are out searching for flowers and the sun is almost too warm on my skin.

I recently started feeling restless; I’ve needed to get out of the house and breathe in fresh air and see something other than my living room–we went for a walk this evening, just before sunset, and at first we stopped at a small rest area on the side of the road near our home, and I let my children run around and play. They were not entirely enthused with the idea of not having a playground to climb on, so we continued on down the street to an actual park where they could run and jump and climb and swing. I sat on the swingset for a while they exerted their energy, and I truly enjoyed having a moment of calm even though their laughter and squeals were rather loud.

I always forget how peaceful just taking a moment outside really is. During the Winter months, I tend to stay inside–not because I dislike the cold, but because I am usually sick during my favourite time of year, which is rather unfortunate. Even though both kids have been sick recently, I knew that getting out of the house and running and playing would be a good thing for them.

 I am ready for the breath of life that Spring brings to this dry and tired space, but I dread the loss of cool breezes and tolerable days that the returning sun promises. My health suffers in the Summer just as much as it does in the Winter but in different ways. I miss the year-round cool mornings and comfortable days of being on the coast, and the fog–oh the glorious fog.

I am looking forward to future opportunities to capture the growth and life of this place–I do love the desert, it has a special draw to it, a magic that is completely different from the magic that the sea holds, or the forests and mountains. It is primal, animalistic, merciless in its vastness. I hope to capture that fierceness in the coming months.

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