photo: splashi

I have spent years fighting against the truth that my soul sings. I have walked away from things that I felt were wrong, that would not serve me on the path I was walking – with everything happening in my life right now, I find myself stepping into the fog of uncertainty in order to find those truths once again.

In times of great stress and change and sorrow, I am drawn back to the candles and crystals and the magic around me. I am welcomed by the warmth of the Sun and the acceptance of the Moon, and the Stars above me speak poetry to my soul.

It has been difficult to single out a truth that I have hidden from both myself and those around me. I am an open and honest person – there are times when I have been told that I share too much too soon with people.

photo: leoleobobeo

Perhaps the only truth that I have yet to speak is that I do not know. I am constantly asked questions, and though I wish desperately to answer honestly, I lie – How are you doing today? I am doing great! In reality, I do not know how I am today or any day. I am confused, I am in pain, and I am struggling. I have so many concerns, but there are few people that I can open up to and lay bare my fears and worries.


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