the fallen silk

Storytelling is my form of healing, of coping with the waves that wash my soul in darkness. I have struggled for nearly two decades with this current, constantly being threatened to be taken under, out to sea, to drown in my own sorrows. I have always sought refuge in the forests – those of my mind, or those of the natural world. There is something safe about the forest, something comforting and warm and inviting. But there are also shadows, things that defy what we know about our world. Hidden things, mysterious things.

Synopsis: Newly divorced Effie Wickes moves into her mother’s forest cottage after her untimely death. As she is dealing with the loss, and the pain and fear from her abusive marriage, she is driven down the path to madness as her mother’s ghost haunts her and something ancient and cold stalks her from the tree line that surrounds her home. Will she learn to live with the creature that haunts her day and night, or will it scare her into an early grave, just as it did her mother?

This ebook was inspired by the constant struggle I’ve had with depression, how the illness can sneak up on you, find you at your most vulnerable and destroy you from the inside. It is a silent stalker and often nestles into your soul years before you realise it has been living within you.


I have so many people in my life that understand me, and I know that there are those out there that are not thusly blessed. Everyone needs someone to listen. If you are feeling dark, feeling abandoned, feeling misunderstood, please reach out to someone – you may not believe me, but your light would be sorely missed, should you snuff out your flame. There are people who believe in you, who cherish you, who look for your face in a crowd or hope that it will be your voice on the other end of a call.

I hope that any who visit and enjoy my words are inspired to share the publication of this project. <3
Here is the Pinterest board for the project, and here is the Goodreads page.
As with all of my books, this tale has a deep and personal hidden meaning. If you are in need of assistance or someone to just sit and listen, please seek the help you need. There are so many wonderful resources out there, and I would hate to live in a world without your light. <3


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