I have been blessed with close friends that enjoy day trips as much as I do. I have also been blessed with friends that want nothing but joy and peace for my soul. At this moment in time, I am unsure as to which path will give me the most joy, the most peace… A fork in the road has come into view, and I can go this way or that way – I do not have any idea where I am going, and as the Cheshire Cat might say, it doesn’t much matter which way I go.

On Saturday I went on a day trip with a close friend and we found ourselves lost north of the city we had stopped in to visit with her daughter. This is what we love to do, getting lost and finding adventure.

Seeing as it is only now the end of Winter and the biting chill of the frosty air is being warmed by the desert Sun, the trees are still bare – but the first signs of Spring have sprung in the forms of bulbs and balls and tiny blossoms.

There are various plants that do not shy away from the cold days and colder nights here in the desert during the winter months. Their resilience, their determination to bloom and grace the world with their colours, is inspiring.

So many things have happened in the last few days… So many thoughts are racing through my mind, begging for me to give them attention. I am trying so hard to balance everything painful and negative that comes into my head with positive vibes, but it is slowly becoming more difficult.

I haven’t written much since putting The Fallen Silk up on the storytelling page… I have the next project ready for me, I just cannot find the words. There is too much uncertainty, too many questions about my future, and I cannot focus on anything else right now.


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