Every year I am reminded that life is short, and that time truly flies when you are having fun. Through all of the painful days I have endured, seeing my children run and dance and laugh and sing through life brings me constant joy and smiles. Our little family is far from perfect – we yell and scream and slam doors, but we also run and tickle and cuddle. I share as much of myself with them as I can, and in return, my children rarely hide their true feelings from me. I do not sugar coat the truth – I cannot bring myself to do that.

Life is our grandest adventure, and there are so many wonderful paths for us to explore. I do not know what the future holds for our little family, but I know that I will always have my children and they will always have me.

At 10:45 am on 15 April 2009, my Sun was brought into this world. He lit my life up and brought a warmth to my heart that I hadn’t realised I was lacking. We have had our difficulties, and we take life one day at a time, but he is the bright star that brings me a smile. He tests me and pushes me, but he also inspires me. Because of him, I have learned to take certain risks – go down that path, climb over those rocks, try and try and try until I finally succeed.

He is eight years old this year. How did time go by so quickly? Where did the last seven years go? I hope that he keeps his wonder, his joy, and I hope that he continues to find excitement in the small things.

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