With all of the recent changes, life has taken a turn onto a more adventurous path. We have done things we never thought of doing, and have learned a few lessons along the way. We are blessed to have such an amazing friend, adopted mum, and nana in Thorius and to have such an energetic little bundle of love in HL. Sun and Moon, and even I, are still adjusting to this new way of life, but we are so glad to have a roof over our heads and food on the table and a loving family that takes us as we are.


Our lives are filled with new sights and stories and songs, and I am working on writing them all down. I even found an amazing travel journal that will serve as a place to keep all of our adventures cohesive for future generations. Not all of our adventures will be put down (mostly because sometimes we do not do much but drive around a neighbourhood at sundown), but those that reach our souls, tickle our spirits, and excite our minds will be recorded.

With everything happening recently, I have not been writing at all. As you can see, I rarely post here anymore – that is not because I have lost the words, the songs, but because I have been so preoccupied with life and how it has been changing. I am still picking up pieces and trying to reassemble the puzzle and find myself, but with each day it seems that I am getting closer to finding the right rhythm.

This whole situation is an adventure, and it is one that will teach us all valuable lessons and help us along our path as a family and our individual paths.

Until next time, my friends <3

One thought on “adventures

  1. I’m glad you have people there to help you. It’s scary when a relationship ends, but it’s also a good time for growth. Don’t worry about not writing much. It’s hard to write when real life is weighing you down. In time, I’m sure you’ll get the muse back.



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