september review


So, just like August, September has been a month filled with trials. I don’t even know how many days we schooled, but Moon didn’t get nearly as far as planned. Sun did much more work, but even he seemed to have trouble. It was a month of meltdowns and a lot of different events that took over some of our school days. Three birthdays, an adoption, and it generally is the first month of my Sick Season – not to mention physical ailments of our dear friend (and roommate) Sly, which meant that I was up and down regularly helping her out.

This month we worked through three saints (Jerome, Christopher, and George) – even though Sun has not finished his Saint George ML page – and two letters for Moon (M and V, though she too isn’t finished with one of her ML pages). We seem to do amazing at Morning Circle, but we dwindle off the later it gets and finally we are all just pooped and give up. Perhaps that means we are doing too much? Maybe I need to look at the setup. Or maybe it has everything to do with how late we start. I really wish we could get the motivation at the time I want to start (9AM), but for some reason, I am not filled with the get-up-and-go juice I have had in the past. *shrugs*

We also started doing the Pagan Degrees for Children, which I will just call Scouts from now on. We glued and painted, filled and hung, a birdfeeder in the front yard. It was one of those nifty kits from HobbyLobby. We then went to the park and the kids picked up trash. Those are two of the activities they can do to earn the first badge (Raven).

I haven’t taken many pictures of our adventures this month, mostly because I have had two events to photograph, plus Moon’s 6th birthday. I find it hard to focus enough to remember to take photos after doing a session or event.

Here are a few of the photos I was able to get of our schooling and some other adventures:


the letter M in sticks



using gems to trace the letter M


a caterpillar found beneath the porch


modelling the letter M in clay


modelling the Lion from the Saint Jerome story


a rainbow and its twin, very faint, to the right.



The last photo was from a couple of nights ago, there appeared to be a double rainbow (though the double is very, very faint). I really wish I had pulled out my camera yesterday because it was a rare day that we had the entire house to ourselves. This meant the kids built forts and coloured in them and read books without interruption. It was magical and I regret not taking pictures of it.

Here is to October being a more productive month! <3


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