field trip friday

Fridays are for field trips… and other things, but today we went out to the Little Family Farm not too far from our home. In years past, the farm has been a lovely little place with vines and berries and flowers and pumpkins, and a ton of different animals, but this year it was so barren. There were only a few pumpkins in the patch, and the animals were not all too friendly. We still enjoyed ourselves – I firmly believe that every child should be nibbled on by an animal, other than a family pet, in their lifetime. As a toddler, a goose thought my toes were worms!

We had our friends with us today, Sly and HL (who we live with), and another family that are close friends of ours.




We were introduced to a blind rooster, and the children all got to pet him.


Feeding the goats and chickens is one of the highlights of the Little Family Farm. They are so friendly and curious (the kids AND the animals)!


My Sun was enamoured with the goats, he wanted to spend a lot of time with them.


Thankfully, there were places to sit and rest and just watch the animals – my Sun fell in love with the porch swing.


My Moon was a bit hesitant of the goats, especially since they were very hyper. She wasn’t sure how to handle everything going on, but she did well with leaving the goats treats on the railing.


Sun loved the giant white turkey and all of the hens! He was so excited to be able to feed them.


There was a single hen removed from the fenced area, and Sun took it upon himself to feed her. It took about fifteen minutes and all of the other children leaving the small area for her to feel comfortable enough to eat from his hand.


There were ducks on the farm too!


And two very vocal donkeys!


This little boy was so curious about Sun! They were drawn to each other, and the little goat kept kissing Sun’s hand.

Overall, it was a fantastic trip to the local family farm, and all of the children learned a valuable lesson: when approaching an animal, never offer your fingers! Offer the palm or back of your hand first, and if the animal responds nicely you may pet it!

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