october, week 1

It seems I can never get going on a Monday morning, regardless of the task. So, because of this, we have moved to four days of active schooling a week, Tuesday through Friday. All in all, this week has been productive. We didn’t get to finishing the letter “T” this week because we had a field trip on Friday! BUT, we will finish up “T” on Monday, even though it is technically Autumn Break next week (because my friend’s little girl is off school, and we all live together, we won’t be doing much school work).

There have been a few changes in how we do our Main Lesson Books – instead of a sketchbook, we are drawing and writing on plain printer paper and then putting them into those nifty plastic sleeves in binders. It is just so much easier this way. I’ll share a photo of them in the next post, including my Mentor Binder (I am not a teacher, lol, I am a Mentor). Right now, we have two separate areas in Sun and Moon’s binders, the first for our current Main Lesson block (Language Arts), and the second for Nature Studies. We will be adding Arithmetic, Form Drawing, Spirituality, and finally Miscellaneous work that has no other home but deserves to be in their binders. They love this idea more than the blank sketchbooks, so that works well for keeping the arguments down. When it is all done, I’ll be removing the pages from the sleeves and binding them all into their own actual books.


We finished the bird feeder toward the end of September and put it up during this first October week. Both of the kids had so much fun painting the feeder and finding the perfect branch to hang it from (I will share a photo in another post). I really want to see about finding more project kits like this, simple yet so much fun!


We haven’t focused much on Nature Studies this week, mostly because there doesn’t seem to be enough time in the day! Sun and Moon are worn out by the time Main Lesson is finished, so there is nap time and quiet time and then we pick up HL from school. However, both of the children are interested in Grasshoppers, which means they were ecstatic about my drawn offerings! They had a blast colouring them, I just hope we find the time after the break to actually do the learning aspects behind these drawings.


It is wonderful to see my children hard at work and actually enjoying (most of the time) the work they do!



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