random crafts

My children have wild imaginations and are always wanting to make something, glue something, or cut something. So, to help curb their crafting appetites, I let them use the scraps from the Word Family things I was cutting (and some glue and tape) to make headbands. From there, they wanted to put leaves on their crowns, so I printed some out and let them colour and cut their leaves.


Moon is fantastic with scissors, but for some reason, she is generally fantastic at anything she puts her mind to. She has so much fun cutting and glueing things!

Sun had some issues and, after getting frustrated, he went to his room to have some quiet time. I cut his leaves out and left them for him to glue on – he didn’t end up glueing them, so I asked if he wanted me to finish his crown and, of course, he said yes.

Moon wanted to dress up in the skirt she received for her birthday (it also came with a flower and leaf headband) and it was just too perfect. I had to get photos of her skipping and playing! My little Nature Sprite has such a huge imagination!


This little girl is so perfect. She is so bright and bubbly, yet so sensitive. I will be the first to admit that she challenges me every single day, but there is nothing compared to her smiles and joy.

Sun has been having a difficult time since Sly came home from hospital (she had hip replacement) – we all have been struggling. However, in those moments when there is joy in his heart, he is amazing. Just like his sister, Sun finds new ways to challenge me daily, but I don’t know where I would be without his good and bad days.


They are teaching me to just let some things go – my idea of perfection is being dismantled and has begun the slow process of change. No longer is perfection clean and neat and, well, picture perfect – no, it is bits of paper and dirty fingers and lots and lots of messy hugs and sloppy kisses.

I wouldn’t change my kids for anything, they are perfect in all of their imperfections.


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