november update

Due to some health issues, we have been having a fairly relaxed schooling month. It isn’t to my liking, but I am always so tired and in so much. We have been doing a lot more unschooling than Waldorf work, and that truly saddens me – but, here is an update, in pictures, of what we have been doing.

14 November


word family work


The Hare and the Tortoise


The Hare and the Tortoise


The Hare and the Tortoise

15 November


Moon’s Letter Book – I made this for her to practice her letters in.


Cutting and gluing, making something wonderful


We had cookies for snack!


And of course, there were milk mustaches.

19 November


I stamped the abbreviations for the days on the week on the Gnomes.


I did a thing! I made this nifty nature table!


The Gnomes are quite enjoying their new home on our nature table.

21 November


We made folders to hold all of our previous block work. Moon made donuts.


Sun decided to make a donut cake – I see a pattern here…


I made a drawing of the three of us studying a flower… Because I have high expectations… LOL

Coming up, we will be starting Sun on the Vimala Alphabet (he has already shown better control with it than traditional cursive), finishing Moon’s Alphabet/Language Arts block and Sun’s Animal Stories block, and celebrating the festivals for December in simple ways. I will definitely be posting the different things we are working on starting next week!

I am nervous for the New Year – mostly because we will be adding in wet-on-wet watercolour painting – which I am completely nervous about, because I just received Painting and Drawing in Waldorf Schools (eep! yay!) and I did always love it – and on top of that, we will be working more closely with the recorder and with singing (mostly for Moon, who isn’t quite ready for the recorder). I am still trying to understand our household, and personal, rhythms which makes things a bit more difficult to work in. Especially since Sly had hip replacement surgery and I have hit a wall with my own health concerns. But overall, I am proud of my little Stars. They truly make me happy each day, regardless of the challenges they place before me.

For all those celebrating, I hope that everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving! We will be taking the rest of the week off, mostly, and will be back to lessons on Monday.


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