crafty goodness

The holidays are always busy, regardless of someone’s situation. However, here in the Sly-Emslie household, this week has been both slow and quick – slow because all three children are home, there are no lessons, and the abundance of food weighs us down; quick because there is the hustle and bustle of cooking, cleaning, serving, and eating. There is an urgency to the holidays – personally, I just want them to be over. I am not a very jolly person around this time of year, but I work incredibly hard to keep a smile on my face.

My Sun hit a milestone this week – not one that would be considered typical or even much of a milestone to anyone but me, but I am still so proud of him. He created his own carrying pouch for his block crayons. He chose the colour of felt and began sewing along the sides. When he finished, he was so excited! I decided to add my own little piece – I also made his sister and Sly’s daughter HL a pouch – to each one. Sun received a spiral sun, Moon a moon, and HL a star. The ribbons are mostly to help keep them closed, but I also think they added a bit of flare.


Because funds are running low, I decided to grab a few of each colour crayon (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, brown, and black), and Moon helped me take the paper off and break them apart in order to make her very own set of Fairy Blocks. We have a running story that the Fairies brought me and Sun our block crayons, and Moon has wanted her own set for some time. I told Sun and Moon that the Fairies agreed to let us make our own this time. They were very grateful that we received permission.

This week has left me feeling drained of all things positive and jolly. I do hope that the coming weeks work to regenerate my smiles. For now, have a wonderful rest of your week!


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