our week so far


TL: Vimala Alphabet Practice (mine)
TC: A little friend found outside
TR: Shoddy Advent spiral, felt and embroidery thread.
ML: Sun and Moon helped to cook dinner.
MC: Our kitty Toothless, who lives under 
the house.
MR: Autumn has finally arrived, showing in the trees during sunrise.
BL: Sun’s ML page for The Fox and the Goat.
BC: We created a game with gems and dice.
BR: The sunrise on November 30th

We have been taking it really easy since Thanksgiving – rest has been a staple that cannot be in high demand right now. I have been dealing with this health issue of mine for nearly 2.5 months, and it has taken its toll. I am drained. So, we will be finishing up the consonants for Moon tomorrow, and then we will take the rest of the month to just work on word building; Sun has finished his Animal Fables block so we will be doing some work on the Saints (Nicholas and Lucia), and trying to include their festivals into our rhythm. We are all excited for the holidays, and then for January because we get to start Math!

My Sun has taken a serious shine with the Vimala Alphabet. He is so excited to work on the letters and do his ML pages. And seriously, once we got the lined guider page printed and there was a clear expectation for what his page should look similar to, he took off and finished two pages in under thirty minutes (that is taking his time to properly form the letters and do the borders). So much of his progress and his sister’s is not measurable in worksheets or pages – it is seeing the spark in their eyes when it clicks, it is being read to, or just listening to them read to each other. It is also measurable in their willingness to do their work, regardless of the time of day, or night. It is being asked for math problems before bed, being asked for little paper booklets and a pen to write down their observations outside while they are playing. And, it is measurable in the subtle changes in their behaviour.

My little Stars are so far from where they were at the start of this journey. We still have a long road ahead of us, and so much learning for everyone, but we are strong and we have each other and we will continue learning and growing and figuring everything out as we go.


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