yuletide and update

Well, with all of the high energy and things happening, I wasn’t quite able to do everything I wanted to for Yule this year. But, we did share a lovely story written by Melisa Nielson over at Waldorf Essentials called The Yule Miracle. The children, mine and HL, were very much interested in the tale – so was I! So much of Melisa’s work is inspiring in so many ways.

We met with the new therapist for both Sun and Moon on Yule as well. It was fitting to meet her because hopefully, she won’t drop us in the middle of getting to know us like it seems we always are. Sun has been having some severe behavioural problems, likely due to the lack of rhythm now that HL is out of school for the winter, and all of us passing around this winter cold. He has been sleeping until Noon, or later, steadily for nearly a week – we are seeing if perhaps his bedtime medication is causing the issues, and so far it seems to be true. I even tried to take him down a dose but it didn’t seem to work. So, for now, we are only giving him his morning medication.

A final new thing to add to our week: Sun and Moon’s biological father, who hasn’t had but one or two moments of contact with them before seeing them on Friday in three years, bought them gifts for Christmas. We spent nearly an hour reconnecting and discussing the possibility of him coming back into their lives, but at this moment there is no solid plan for that because he feels it would not be beneficial for them as he is very unstable in many ways. I understand that, completely, and I made sure that he knew that if he wanted to see them all he had to do was text or call me. He offered that if they ever need anything, all I need to do is ask and he will try to make it happen. It was a lovely experience, much better than I thought it would be. I won’t lie and say it wasn’t nerve-wracking, or that I wasn’t anxious the entire time, but it was a nice first step and the children seemed to enjoy being around him. Baby steps, baby steps.

We have been doing a whole lot of resting this month, but there have been a few things that are noteworthy:

December Collage

Top Row –
1: Moon and her Vowel pages
2: She was working so hard!
3: Sun working on the MyraMakes packet he received in the mail! (link below)
4: Moon and her brand new glasses!
Middle Row –
1: Building a wooden town.
2: Creating a scene.
3: A friend wanting to play ball.
4: Balancing river rocks for peace.
Bottom Row –
1: A toadstool
2: Laying neatly in a row.
3: Sun created a fidgetspinner out of little round spheres and candle holders.

Sun enjoys the Myra Makes beta subscription I signed up for. I definitely suggest that you look into it!

For now, that is it. Once I have our Maths blocks situated and planned out, I’ll share them with you. Until then, have a wonderful holiday season <3


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