review: exploring nature with children

exploring nature with children banner

I want to preface this post by saying that this resource is not entirely aligned with the Waldorf philosophy/pedagogy/perception. It is definitely Charlotte Mason (which I am somewhat inspired by, mostly for Nature Studies). So, with that out of the way, I can share with you my opinion on this resource.

First of all, this resource is set up as a nearly complete curriculum – it provides activities, poetry, book options to flesh it out, and many different areas to bring in math and language arts, and is always filled to the brim with science. With a few adjustments and additions, this could easily be used as an entire year’s worth of lessons. With that being said, using it as it is works amazingly.

Second of all, one of the best books the curriculum suggests for every single week is The Handbook of Nature Study. It is truly an indispensable book to have on your shelves, even if you don’t use this particular curriculum. It has so much information in it, sometimes I get dizzy thinking about it!

Third of all, with it being grouped by months, and then split into four weeks each, it is easy to print off the pages for the upcoming week and plan out what to do each day to bring it all together.

I’ll be honest, we haven’t been very consistent in using it every week. BUT, we are working on it, slowly. Starting in January, we will be following the curriculum for Nature Study almost faithfully – I say almost because some things will not work for us, some are better saved for other months, and some will need some tweaking before we can use it. Living in the desert makes doing certain things difficult, especially when long-distance travel is not really an option. But, again, it is set up in such a way that makes it more than easy to redo certain themes/weeks throughout the year or put your own themes and ideas into play.

Once we work through a few weeks of the curriculum, in a row, I will come back to this topic and do a more in-depth review. But for now, we are very excited to work with it and see what sorts of things we can learn about the topics provided.

If you want to check this resource out for yourself, read other reviews, or just read through the author’s blog (which is fantastic!), head on over to Raising Little Shoots and look through her website. The curriculum is definitely worth it, even if you use it just for inspiration or a starting point on your journey to exploring nature with your child(ren)!


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