and so it begins…

Little HL went back to school today. I have always thought it was strange that public schools start in the middle of the week sometimes. I just don’t get it. I always find that we are at our best if we begin on a Monday (okay, I am at my best if we begin on a Monday). Her return to school means that I have four days until we begin our Maths Block. I have it all planned out, for January… And I am already feeling overwhelmed. BUT, I am planning that if we get nothing else done, we will do the HEAD, HEART, and HANDS portions of each day.

“We are all influenced by a combination of preferences for thinking (head), doing (hands), and feeling (heart). ‘Head, heart and hands’ is easier to remember than ‘cognitive, affective and behavioral’ although it means the same thing.” –

As long as we get those complete, I will feel accomplished. The other things are there for the good days, the days without tears and meltdowns and tons of appointments and errands and people in and out of the house.

During the coming weeks, I will be considering our rhythm and how it works – the same thing I have been doing since we started back in September. I want to develop, to understand, more about the dynamics of this household and where we all fit in. I also think that my Sun will benefit more from having a rhythm chart put together so that he can see better what to expect throughout the day.

I have been looking into more inner work, for myself, recently – and, at the suggestion of the author of our curriculum, I have begun to pray. Yes, you heard that correctly – I am praying now. I did not do it today, which I can see deeply affected my place, both within and without.

What does praying look like for me? It looks like a cup of coffee, and me sitting down and shuffling my Tarot cards, asking Spirit for assistance. I then lay out three cards and proceed to read them – once I have their meanings, I write down everything and put it in my binder. I have no doubt that, as I continue to pray each morning, my inner work will transform. But for now, this is my start. I take it one day at a time, and I pray for one simple thing. I pray for Spirit for guide me in how to best meet my children so that I can better help them with their struggles throughout the day. Since beginning this practice, the answers I have received have mostly been about looking deep within for the answers and exercising patience.

I have also decided to work on a YouTube channel detailing our days. There are just some things that are easier when done in a video format.

I will also be updating you all on a recent road trip we took to Klondyke, Arizona! It was fantastic and I cannot wait to share the photos with you!

We have so many changes coming our way, so many things that will throw us all through the ringer, but I truly hope that I am capable of meeting my children where they are, not where I or anyone else think they ought to be.

I still have a bit of planning to do, and reflection, before we can really dive into the rest of the lessons that are plotted and planned out – but I am sure that we will reach them with a smile on our faces and warmth in our hearts.


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