the forest and sea

I wanted to share with you all a new venture I have embarked on. It is called the forest and sea. It is a weekly journal where I will be doing some deep inner work and with it, I hope to inspire anyone who reads it with prompts, thoughts, reflections, poems, and quotations.

Many blessings to everyone <3


3 thoughts on “the forest and sea

  1. I have re-started writing in a gratitude journal as part of the process as seeing even struggles as blessings that can help me grow as an individual and show the same thing to my son. So excited for you! Good luck on your journey! Can’t wait to hear more!

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    1. It can be so difficult to view our struggles as blessings! It is wonderful that you have restarted your gratitude journal. I really hope to keep “the forest and the sea” going, even if it is not all that regular (I haven’t posted on it since the first post). I feel that journaling is not proper when you force yourself to do it, mostly because then the words feel strained and false. It is better for exploration and inner work when the words are begging to come out. <3

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      1. It is! This is something I still struggle with too! But it is possible to do it once we are committed. I hope you do get back to “the forest and the sea” too, but admire you for keeping your journaling natural and not forced. I know as a writer the worst thing is for our writing, any of our writing, to feel forced. It is definitively better to wait for the muse. I love your writing and your style. Keep up the great work and happy writing and living. Namaste soul sister. 🙂

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