Many things have been happening, both within my head and heart and within our home. I made the choice to have a solid place that is my own, for my writing and my art. I will still have Desert Starlight, and we will still be doing our Waldorf Inspired homeschooling – and I will continue to host the forest and the sea, but this blog is my personal space where there is no need to document lessons or to focus on growth and personal development or exploration. This is a place to share my writing, my art, my passion.

Perhaps this choice comes from years of blogging dysphoria, a feeling of never knowing if what I am working on, what I am blogging about, is worth it and always trying to find my niche. Who knows? Perhaps it is because I am finally working on getting myself organised and I feel like my personal life and my professional life should be separate – and, regardless of how I feel at any given moment, writing and art are my professions.

So, here we are. I am hoping to get a schedule set up for blogging on all three of my blogs more regularly. I may do dumps on the homeschooling blog because that is primarily for documentation, but I hope to keep this one and the forest and the sea as regular as I can. Please, bear with me as I figure things out and get things in order.



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