april 2018 // recap

I haven’t been here for weeks. I have intended, each and every day, to write about the happenings of last month, but I just haven’t done it. No reason other than general procrastination – and a lack of words.

April was a tough month, all around, though I know that there were some good things that happened. I was able to get in to see someone and received some answers – more answers came this month, but that is for later. I didn’t paint at all in April, but I attribute that to the ever-rising tide of depression. It has been a rough few weeks, I won’t lie.

My Sun turned nine years old in April, and that was a huge milestone. He has reached the end of the first nine-year change, and I can definitely see a difference in him. His pretend play has shifted much more than in previous years, and he has taken on much more responsibilities (with the promise of some sort of reward, obviously).

We have all been doing well with our therapies, though I am sure that there is little progress noticeable to those outside of our own heads.

Please, stick with me as I navigate these troubled waters and find my way back to some sort of normalcy. I do hope to be here a bit more often, and I hope to have some photos of the work I have been doing up sometime this week.

☽ ✰ ☾



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