hidden forest

originally written 4 july 2017

dei-fros (day-froes) is the God of Hidden Forests. You will not find him listed under any pantheon, nor in any mythological texts. He has no specific culture, and I would assume appears in many different ways to the different people he comes in contact with. He is wild and feral and incredibly wary – like the deer that crosses our paths on deserted mountain roads, or the puma watching from under the brush on the ledge above us; he is silent and hidden within the trees, so difficult to see yet so easy to feel.


Arizona is covered in little oases and hidden forests protected by Native spirits with their own cultural meanings and names. Most visitors to this rusty gold landscape come to see the red rocks and the cacti and the desert fauna, but they gloss over the true miracles that appear deep in the mountains, high above the dust and stone. Perhaps this is because they do not venture into the mountains, or perhaps it is because they are so used to the green in their own Place that, for a moment, they forget where they truly are.

Our Gods are unlike any others. They roam the desert, hide in the crags above cities, fall from the skies in flashes of lightning and heavy rain, flow over the dry earth in flash floods. They are the fires that rage before Monsoon, they are the icy Winter mornings that find us catching our breath upon stepping out of our warm homes.

They have many names and many faces and appear differently to all of those who open their minds to their call. Not everyone experiences the Gods gentle touch on their hearts, but those that do will forever be open to their songs and dances and whispers.

☽ ✰ ☾



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