the darkness within the brightness…


While reading an article posted by John Halstead, I was introduced to the idea of honouring the Dark during the Summer Solstice, just as we do the Light at the Winter Solstice. The concept makes so much sense, I am surprised it has not become a more common practice.

It is incredibly hot here – upwards of 102, or more, some days – and though I enjoy clear skies and nice weather, it is near unbearable for me outside most days. I prefer to hide in the cool and dark house during bouts of heat. Because of this, celebrating and honouring the darkness and cooler aspects that we will be moving toward in the coming months has quite a bit of significance for me.

Instead of being an outer and social holy day, the Summer Solstice is a very solitary time for me. It is a time when I want to experience the Sun at the special times of day – dawn, noon, and dusk. But I do not want to answer to a group, nor do I want to be responsible for any sort of elaborate ritual. My personal practice is very simple and minimal, and because of this I feel that honouring not only Light aspects but the Dark as well, works rather well.

According to the vast knowledge of the internet and computers, local sunrise on Solstice day will be at 05:16, solar noon will be at 12:22, and sunset will be at 19:29. I am not the best morning person, but for me, sunrise is not the most important time of day to honour and worship the sun during the Solstice. Noon, the point where the sun is highest during the day, is most important for my practice in honouring Light.

I am unsure just how I will be honouring both Light and Dark this year, but I hope to have the motivation to stick with whatever I choose, and perhaps I may even have a few photos to share with you.

☽ ✰ ☾



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