calling my spirit back…


“Every time you are aware of yourself slipping you call your spirit back, you call your attention back, call your focus back. It is a constant discipline. It’s as simple as that. You make it your discipline.

It’s quite an elegant spiritual discipline and a very healthy one, because you live it every moment of the day. You’re constantly calling your spirit back. And, it helps so much because it makes you aware of how easily you negotiate the presence of your spirit in your body, how easily something can take it out…”

–Caroline Myss, Anatomy of the Spirit

I am starting my Solstice celebrations a day early this year, primarily because I have never been very steady in my practices. I cannot say how well I will be connected tomorrow, but today I can feel a deepness within my spirit that is begging to be acknowledged. I have found so much inspiration through the free courses offered by Mystery School of the Goddess, a few of which are written by Molly Remer of Brigid’s Grove.

In one of my favourite books, a historical fiction about a Native American tribe, they speak of mental illness as the soul/spirit wandering in the woods, getting lost in the forest. There are rituals to bring the spirit back to the body, though they can be dangerous for those performing them. I understood this as another way of saying someone was “out of their mind”.

My spirit has been lost in the forest for so long, and I finally feel as though all of the little pieces that have been dropped along the way are starting to come back to me. The work I am doing, with the help of a wonderful woman and mentor, has been helping me so much. Just opening up to her and having someone to listen to me has been tremendous.

It is a slow process, and I have been terrified of it before because I’ve never known what to expect. But, between the words of my favourite online author (Sarah Elwell), the understanding guidance of my mentor, and some wonderful resources I have stumbled across, I find that the process of putting these pieces together has become less daunting.

The quote above speaks of making the act of “calling your spirit back” a regular occurrence. It is interesting because my mentor has been talking to me about negative self-talk, the one constant in my mind that has been the perpetrator of my spirit wandering the forest. She has suggested that every time I catch myself talking poorly to myself, I should stop and counter it with something positive. Instead of getting lost in the darkness of my inner monologue, I need to pull my attention back and focus for a moment.

The Solstice is a natural time to reflect on the things that have come to pass and consider the things we want to manifest in the coming months. I believe that there is no better time to begin working on the spiritual and mental discipline of calling my spirit back. I know that it will take time, but I cannot leave my soul out in the forest any longer.

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