welcoming the magic of summer

the magic of summer
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I have been wanting to create seasonal practices for some time, but have not truly understood how, or why. I have also been having a bit of a strange connection with the land spirits around me – I know I have called them deities, but it has recently been brought to my attention (by these spirits, no less) that they are not deities. Because of this, I have found myself at a loss for seasonal practices. It isn’t that I cannot honour these spirits, but I feel a hole within my own spirit. I am unsure whether I feel that a deity would fill this hole, or if it is just imagined because I feel a bit slighted, having mistaken this lands spirits and possibly dishonoured them.

The ainea-fei are the spirits of the desert summer. They inhabit the warmth in the air, the sometimes blinding light from sun, the dry soil that begs for the monsoon rains. The best offering to make to the ainea-fei is water.

I found a very simple practice that would be easily incorporated into my daily routine – greet the morning, make an offering at noon, and meditate at sunset. Out of all of the proposed activities to bring into a daily practice, this is the most practical – though walking barefoot is wonderful, it is not practical here in the desert during the dryer times as we have very prickly things that like to stick in soft skin. Spending time in the sun also sounds lovely, but with moderate to high heat warnings here in the desert most days, and the threat of sun related health issues that run in my family, I find myself too anxious to truly enjoy spending time in the sun.

The summer sun has helped to lift my spirits these last few days, and I have been painting more, as well as working more on my current novellette.

Summer is a magical time, filled with energy and creativity and vitality. Life is in full swing, in most places – but here in the desert, we yearn for the rain and the thunder to arrive, to renew the land and our spirits, to cleanse our thoughts and prepare us for the coming months. We pray to the Gods and the Spirits of the Land, and we dance and we sing and we celebrate in order to bring the rains.

It is dry here, and hot – I will honour Summer in all her glory in the only ways I know how – the simple ways, the quiet ways.

☽ ✰ ☾



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