natural magic…

“The tools are unimportant; we have all we need to make magic: our bodies, our breath, our voices, each other.” 



My mother was never one for fancy tools, nor did she have an elaborate book of shadows – her form of recordkeeping was a copy of The Spiral Dance by Starhawk, in which she wrote notes and placed bits of papers between the pages. Her herbs came from the kitchen, and I cannot say that she had a collection of crystals to amplify her work. No, a candle and her own energy, and her connection with Goddess, was all she needed to do the work she wanted.

I believe that many of us have lost connection with our own natural magic. We have forgotten that our words, whether spoken aloud or kept silent within our minds, have power, and that our bodies can raise some of the most powerful energies. Yes, tools and trappings and pretty things are lovely and wonderful, but tools do not make our magic MORE.

We have all we need, right here within us. Do not let anyone tell you that your magic, that your efforts, are less than their’s because of material possessions. You are made of star stuff – the Universe, the makings of everything around you, is within you.

recently finished paintings, 06/24/2018

Your rituals can be as simple or elaborate as you want them to be, your spells can include all the herbs and crystals and words and tools that you are inspired to use – or they can be simple paintings or poems or just a prayer. All of our actions hold power, hold energy, and can affect change in the world. Please, do not let yourself be convinced that you are less because you have less. You are everything.




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