reading as meditation


I have been reading quite a bit recently. I always have a fictional book at the ready, in case I feel the need to disconnect from the world for a few blissful moments. I have been very happy with Kate Morton‘s books, having recently finished The Secret Keeper and immediately after, I started The House at Riverton.

I have adopted a philosophy similar to a content creator I follow on youtube – she reads a non-fiction book and a fiction book, together. I find that it inspires me to write, but also roots me to reality in a certain way, regardless of the topics of the books.

I find that reading can be a form of meditation, for those that enjoy it. I know many people, my son being one of them, that find reading tedious and, sometimes, infuriating. However, those of us that cannot help but love a good book may be able to benefit from reading as meditation. It takes focus and a clear mind to fully immerse yourself in the worlds within those pages, which are both considered primary skills of meditation.

I was reading my non-fiction book of choice, The Awen Alone: Walking the Path of the Solitary Druid by Joanna van der Hoeven, and came to the realisation that I tune my surroundings out whenever I have an interesting book in front of me. It was an ah-ha moment. I have a difficult time meditating on any given day – though I love the concept, and when it works for me, I enjoy it, it is difficult for me to silence myself, or to bring myself back to a place of focus if I am disturbed. Not with books. If I am distracted for a moment, it is almost immediate that, when my focus is shifted back to the page, I am back in that mental space.

I was a rather intense realisation, one that I do not remember ever having made before, but one that makes so much sense. I hope to pay more attention to my mind and my body when I enter that focused state, and to bring the skills used during reading into a true meditation practice.

Have you ever experienced reading as meditation? What does your meditation practice, if you have one, look like?

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