showing up and creating…


“I weave strings of energy
into the web of creation

Where nothing was before
out of the void
into the world
I spin them into existence
Out from my mind
out from my body
out of my awareness of what needs to be
Now there is something new
and all life is nourished.”

–Ix Chel in The Goddess Oracle by Amy Sophia Marashinsky

Creating is not a hobby of mine, nor is it a passion. It is a way of life. It is in my blood, deep in my roots, and it feeds me when other things cannot touch my hunger. Over the years, I have found more and more ways to create – I have created life within me and nurtured it without, I have written novelettes filled with thoughts and emotions and images from the deepest recesses of my soul; I paint, I sing, I dance. I have created peace where there is only chaos; I have created meals where there are only ingredients. I have created strength where there is fear.

Creating is a form of raising energy. When I create, I am enacting a ritual that requires no prior knowledge to perform. Creators are creators, regardless of training or schooling. We cannot help but do what we do, for we know nothing else. And, the very act of making a cup of tea in the morning is creating, for that cup of tea did not exist before I heated the water and put the tea bag in the cup.

As humans, we are creators. We are all connected to that vital force that spins the planets and brings atoms together to form stars. We are made of the very things that, billions of years ago, formed this planet and formed the beginnings of life. We have the power to create within us, and we can use it for the highest good of all if we so choose.

My contribution to the highest good may be small, it may be unlikely to touch many people – but if my work, if my creations can touch a single person and bring them what they need, I have fulfilled my purpose. If my work can nourish one spirit, fill one soul, feed a single mind, I have fulfilled my purpose.

I cannot tell you all that I am creating at this moment in my life – I have numerous tales begging to be told, paintings that bleed from my brushes in untold moments (often without any declaration or warning), and ideas that swim in the sacred waters of my spirit. As I create, I will continue to share with you the results. Each piece that I make is a part of me. It is always good to remember that when an artist asks you to view something they have made, they are trusting you with a part of their souls made physical. Tread softly and show love, for many of us have a fragility within us and a fear of rejection.

Are you creating anything? I would love to hear about the pieces of your soul that you are putting into the physical realm.

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