the awen alone // review


It has been a long while since last I devoured a book in less than a single day – however, The Awen Alone by Joanna van der Hoeven, seems to have been the best book to light a flame within my soul at this point in my life. As you all know, most likely well at this point, I struggle with spirituality – there is a logic within me that denies the existence of the things that I have experienced. I feel at war with myself on a daily basis because I know what I feel, in my heart and in my body, yet my mind tries so hard to negate it.

Joanna weaves information with personal experience in such a way that makes the path real – not just words on the page or lofty ideals. She lays out, with honesty, the amount of commitment that this path requires of someone – and she does this in such a way that the academic side, the learning aspects, are as undaunting as it could be.


Daily practice has been a formidable foe for many months now – I have been unsure of how to handle the concept, and how to incorporate it into my day to day. Joanna, in service to the path of Druidry and to the Pagan community at large, helps to establish an understandable and accessible guideline for ways to integrate daily prayer, meditation, and pathworking (both inner and outer) into the quiet moments of our days.

Though the topics explored within its pages were simple and the barest minimum to get one started down the path of Druidry – ranging from the Who, to the What, with a bit of How dashed here and there – Joanna shared her knowledge for the Seekers of the world to absorb with truth, honesty, and service.

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the awen alone by joanna van der hoeven


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