About Us



For those of you who wish to know more about me and my family…

To be honest, I am not very good at writing about myself. I am self-conscious, shy, and I have severe anxiety – which, along with my depression, has made it very difficult to move forward in life. I am a photographer, self-taught, and though I feel most comfortable in nature, I have branched out as a portrait and wedding photographer (you can see my work here). I am also a writer, and though this blog will serve as a record of our homeschooling experience, my primary blog is Of Dreams and Starlight.

I have received numerous questions regarding my religious – or lack thereof – stance, and though I am accepting of all religions and will teach my children all of their options, I am Pagan. We study the Saints, yes, but we also celebrate the Wheel of the Year; we revere Nature and the Earth as our Mother; the Moon and the Sun are seen as physical representations of the Goddess and God. I also have heritage rooted deep in Cherokee blood, as well as Irish, English, German, and Romani.

I struggled with something recently: coming up with a Family Purpose Statement. I have never been good at determining my, or anyone else’s, strengths nor am I very good at coming up with a common goal to work toward. So, in my search for inspiration, I found ten concepts that spoke to my soul:

  1. The Earth is our Mother, care for her.
  2. Honour all your relations.
  3. Open your heart and soul to the Great Spirit.
  4. All life is sacred; treat all beings with respect.
  5. Take from the Earth what is needed, nothing more.
  6. Do what needs to be done, for the good of all.
  7. Give constant thanks to the Great Spirit for each and every day.
  8. Speak the truth, but only for the good of others.
  9. Follow the rhythms of Nature
  10. Enjoy life’s journey, but leave no tracks.

This is what I strive to bring to my children, and for them to take out into the world. I have a long way to go, especially in regards to this learning journey we have embarked on. I hope that you will join us for regular updates and share in our triumphs and growth.


My Sun

Sun, as I have affectionately nicknamed my eldest, is energetic and bright and loving. He is a builder, a tinkerer, a master potion maker, and incredibly curious about the world around him. He is also impulsive and daring and strong-willed. He doesn’t always think things through before doing them, and he doesn’t always have the sunniest demeanour (we all have our cloudy days), but my day would not be complete without his bright smile in the morning and his snuggles before bed.




My Moon

Moon, my youngest, is so very much like her brother – she builds and she runs and she hollers at the top of her lungs from the trees and playgrounds; but, on the flip side, she is also my silent observer, my handwork buddy, and my cuddle bug. She is both logical and creative – she loves numbers and crayons and ponies and kittens and heavy machinery and tools.




I really do hope that you enjoy reading my blog and exploring Waldorf Inspired learning with us. We are all on our own journies, but there is no rule against us lending a helping hand along the way. <3