Author Statement

**Describe your work in two words:

Poetic and Haunting.

**What are your guiding values?

Embracing creativitySeeing the beauty in Darkness, and Being true to myself. 

1. What drives you to write?This incessant need that fills my soul. It isn’t really a want at this point, it is a need. I cannot stop writing; I am constantly doing it, by hand or on the computer. Whether it be blogs or working on my projects, there is always something driving me to write. 

2. What do you want to achieve through your writing?Most of the time, I just want to get my thoughts down on paper. I am not particularly worried about selling a ton of copies or becoming a Best Seller or even becoming popular. I am more interested in giving the world my thoughts and feelings and visions.

3. Who are you writing for?I am writing for anyone who picks up my books and finds them interesting. I am writing for anyone, and everyone, who has ever wanted to say something but could never find the words. I write for myself, to balance myself, to quiet the voices in my head. I write for people who can’t write themselves.

4. How are you trying to reach your readers?I am trying to reach my readers primarily through vision and touch — a lot of my work focuses on sights and feelings, whether they be within the mind/body, or without. I try to draw my readers into the world they are reading about, to get them to feel my character’s emotions and see the world around them with vivid clarity. Otherwise, if we are speaking about marketing and whatnot, I am on Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram, and here on Blogger. 

5. How do you assess your work?I personally take a look at my work before I hand it out to my Betas, and I pick apart my work piece by piece as if I were a horrible person. I find all the bad stuff and figure out how to fix it, then I find all the good things and applaud myself on those. However, I primarily receive help from my amazing Beta Readers. I have a few friends that read my work and give me suggestions on everything from style or character development. 

6. How do you reinvent techniques?If I find a technique or style that truly speaks to me, I tend to twist and fit it into my own style just by writing. Recently, I found a part of my writing voice from reading Virginia Woolf’s style and truly found my niche from re-reading Jane Austen. I also tend to incorporate Edgar Allen Poe’s style, a bit of Anne Rice, and a few others. It’s all about finding what inspires you in the style of other writers, and just running with it. Lots of trial and error and working on finding your own voice in the midst of everyone else. 

7. Why do you feel that writing is important to the world?It is a way of expressing yourself. Some people use art, or photography, or dance — writers use writing. Some of us can’t draw, or sing, or have two left feet — but with words, we are Gods. We create, we destroy, we live through our writing. Sometimes, that is the only way we are able to speak to those around us. 

8. What do you consider your particular contribution to be?Personally, my contribution to the world is darker than most. I provide my work as an outlet for the darker side of life, the pain and the hate and the rage. I also contribute a darker version of love and commitment, worship, and a lighter version of death and murder. In other words, I provide opposing views on common themes. I see the light in the darkness, I embrace the ID, and I find beauty in the macabre. 

9. How are you progressing as a writer?With each new work, I grow as an author. I am progressing steadily, perhaps slower than others, but at the perfect pace for myself.

10. Who or what are your primary influences?Influences… this is difficult. I could tell you about who inspired me to pick up a pen and write in the beginning (Anne Rice); I could tell you all about my auditory influences (Gothic music and narrated Creepypastas). But really, what influences me the most, is humanity. People influence me, emotions influence me, mental illness influences me, and fear influences me. 

11. What are your main themes/concerns?I focus a lot on the themes of darkness, sadness, pain, and anger. I am not a happy go lucky person, even though I find myself to be positive more often than not. Even happy scenes tend to have a hint of darkness in the background, shadows that lurk around corners, or sadness that takes over the theme of a story. Mental illness is a big theme, as is love, and the supernatural. 

12. How do you want to be remembered as an author?I want to be remembered as an author with a Gothic Vision. I am not worried about becoming the next Anne Rice or Stephen King–I just want to be remembered for showing people the beauty within the darkness