daily journalling

In my previous post about my March set up, there was an image of my goals for this month, as well as my first weekly layout. On these pages, there are prompts for both journalling and a photo a day challenge for this month.

The first photo prompt is “Morning” – and the journal prompt for today is “Who is your family?” I tend to do my prompted entries in the morning as a way to focus my mind and create a sort of thoughtful awareness toward my day – because of this, I chose to take a photo of the two things that generally fill my morning.

I am so inspired by some of the fantastic journallers on YouTube (JennyJournals, Jordan Clark, and ChristineMyLinh), and that definitely shows itself in my personal journal. I do wish that I could put some documentation of our days in it, but I am not sure I can justify purchasing either the materials to print photos (paper and colour ink) or a smaller printer (like a Kodak or an HP Sprocket or something like them). I am still shopping around, but for now I am happy to be including amazing photos I have found on Pinterest (check this board and this board). I will possibly share more of this journal – including my 2018 Vision Board – and how it has changed in a matter of days, later this week. I am so happy to have this sort of creative outlet.



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