march 2018 // recap

I have been in a downward spiral for weeks, though a few lovely things have helped to bring smiles to my face. Painting has been an incredible outlet for me, and I recently set up shop on

You might be wondering whatever happened to my Bullet Journal – I still have it, and I am trying to get back into the habit of using it daily again, but when I can barely motivate myself to get out of bed, planning just doesn’t seem possible at all. I am working on it though, and I do have the thought planted firmly in my mind that I will be filming and uploading and photographing my May spread for you.

March was a fairly gentle month, aside from the deepening waters of depression. Many firsts happened – the first buds began to peek through the bare branches, little yellow and white wildflowers began to pop up here and there along the roads – not to mention the Arizona Lupines that grow along the vast stretches of roads here in the Desert. The birds sang all through Winter, but nothing like their sweet songs once the sun begins to warm the air.

My birthday was simple, exactly how I prefer it. I also was able to finally get an intake for behavioural health services – and my children are doing well in their therapy sessions. Many things have been discussed in terms of my mental health, and though some are terrifying, I know that it is necessary to go through with all of this if I want accurate and adequate help and benefits. I just hope that I am not lost in the fray of paperwork and diagnoses.

I will share a bit of an update on our educational adventure over on Desert Starlight.

Until next time, my lovelies – love and light.

☽ ✰ ☾

tea talk // an update

Hello everyone, I am so sorry for not writing for so long. Life has been all over the place, it seems, but things may be settling down for now. There have been so many changes over the last few weeks, and though I had planned on sharing here sooner I just never seemed to find the right moment or the right words. Well, here we are now, sharing a moment with each other. I am actually just about to make myself some tea (it is nearing 8pm here in the desert).

I do believe that the last post I wrote was at the beginning of this month, and was about daily journaling – unfortunately, I have fallen off the daily journaling wagon. It is still on my mind each morning, but it has definitely transformed – I may not be journaling, but I am painting. I think part of why I stopped journaling is because I have a certain vision for my writing and without certain things, I don’t feel inspired to journal at the moment. Painting has taken over as my current form of expression, and though I do plan on writing more in the coming weeks, I truly hope that painting is here to stay.

My writing has taken a moment of pause as well – Aequoris is still being written, though at a much slower pace than I had originally planned. Life has a strange way of moving around us as we stand still. I am still trying to find a balance to everything I am doing, but it has turned out to be harder than I had thought.

Paintings 1

The sky is such a lovely and expressive muse – we have some of the most beautiful sunsets here in the desert, and the night skies are fantastic.

I decided to do a four-piece collection, called The Seasons:


The Seasons gallery.jpg

My most recent painting (from today, actually) is something that was inspired by a YouTube creator, Maria Raczynska. She is such an amazing artist, I definitely suggest that anyone who loves watching art being made seek her videos out.

Pink Reflections.jpg

I have so many other paintings that I have, tucked away in a folder, but these are my favourites and the ones I hope will find their ways into peoples hearts and homes. I also have a few bookmarks that I have photographed.

Bookmarks 1.jpg

I truly hope that my artwork brings a spark of inspiration to others, as so many artists have inspired me.

☽ ✰ ☾

march monthly spread // bullet journal

I have been waiting, patiently, to share my March monthly spread with everyone. I didn’t want to share it too soon, just in case I needed more time – and trust me, I agonised over this spread because it is going to be the first monthly spread I use. And now, because of my procrastination and agonising, I am sharing this later than I had originally planned. Maybe next time I’ll just post early.

I do want to share that a lot of the journal was inspired heavily by Jordan Clark (, as well as a few different spreads I found while down a Pinterest rabbit hole (you can see all of my journaling inspiration here and here).


I have been painting a lot more recently – I do try and get around to it every day, even if it is something small on a piece of scrap watercolour paper. The same with drawing – I want to draw something every day, regardless of size or simplicity.
















There is still a page or two that I haven’t quite finished (my Ostara/Spring Equinox page and the Card of the Month *pictured above*), but I will share them either after they are complete or at the end of the month. This seems to be a productive way to track my days and habits and moods, so far – I am horrible at sticking with things, especially things like this. But my fingers are crossed that maybe, just maybe, this time it works out.

☽ ✰ ☾

2018 bullet journal setup

For years, I have considered creating a bullet journal – for organisation, for creative expression, for quotes and lyrics and pretty much any little bit of ephemera that I might find inspiring – but, I hadn’t made that final leap until just recently. I started out with a simple graph paper notebook, mostly because I had it on hand and was unsure how interested I would be in the overall concept of the bullet journal. Well, I fell in love.

I left the notebook behind and purchased a simple soft bound MiquelRius journal through Barnes and Noble (link) – it is 300 sheets/600 pages, regular grid paper, and is just magical. It doesn’t have any bells and whistles (no ribbons, no pocket – but I changed the latter concern with some scrapbooking paper I had laying around).


I haven’t been very creative recently – whether with words, paint, or light – so stepping into this world of bullet journals has sparked something within me. It was exactly what I needed.

For now, I will leave you with some detailed photos of what I have created in my journal thusfar. <3















☽ ✰ ☾




Many things have been happening, both within my head and heart and within our home. I made the choice to have a solid place that is my own, for my writing and my art. I will still have Desert Starlight, and we will still be doing our Waldorf Inspired homeschooling – and I will continue to host the forest and the sea, but this blog is my personal space where there is no need to document lessons or to focus on growth and personal development or exploration. This is a place to share my writing, my art, my passion.

Perhaps this choice comes from years of blogging dysphoria, a feeling of never knowing if what I am working on, what I am blogging about, is worth it and always trying to find my niche. Who knows? Perhaps it is because I am finally working on getting myself organised and I feel like my personal life and my professional life should be separate – and, regardless of how I feel at any given moment, writing and art are my professions.

So, here we are. I am hoping to get a schedule set up for blogging on all three of my blogs more regularly. I may do dumps on the homeschooling blog because that is primarily for documentation, but I hope to keep this one and the forest and the sea as regular as I can. Please, bear with me as I figure things out and get things in order.