the legend of lochán na cuimhní cinn

I have returned to the written word, at least for the time being. I’ve been somewhat inspired to write tales for my children (we are homeschooling, and since I created Bran and Bryn I thought I might as well write their stories). This particular tale does not involve the brother and sister, but it is something that I wrote because of those characters. I hope you enjoy.


Legend holds that there was once a small spring surrounded by the rather odd combination of Fir trees and Ivy. The Ancestors called the spring Lochán na Cuimhní Cinn – the Pond of Memories.

It is said that a young woman, Morré, was blessed by Mneme, Goddess of Memories, and was tasked with protecting the pond, having been given a jug filled with water from the Goddess’ spring. There, beside the spring, Morré erected a small hut and every morning she would take the jug to the edge of the pool and mix the waters together, reciting a prayer to enchant the waters.

Soon after Morré began her blessed task, she learned that her family and the entire village had forgotten her entirely, and though the villagers would come to the pool and ask for the blessings of Mneme from the pool, they could not recall her. Regardless of her attempts, and they numbered in the hundreds, nothing stirred their memories.

One evening as the Moon hung full in the clear sky, Morré called to Mneme and begged her to bring her families memories of her back. The Goddess, who had the utmost compassion for the young woman, explained that if she were to restore their memories, Morré would no longer be able to protect the pond and it would dry up, leaving the villagers afflicted with a severe forgetfulness.

Morré was told to make a choice – the memories of her or the memories of entire generations to come. The Goddess gave the young woman one month to decide, saying that she would return on the next full moon. Over the weeks that she contemplated her choice, Morré continued to assist people from far and wide who came to experience the healing properties of the pond. She met with many people of all ages, who had travelled to regain the thoughts that they had forgotten. She took their stories and the experience of meeting each person into consideration each night as she sat on the large rock at the edge of the pond, staring at the Moon growing in size above her.

On the night of the full moon, Mneme arrived at Morré’s doorstep and took the young woman’s hands. With tears in her eyes, Morré told the Goddess that she chose to remain beside the pond. She had seen the amount of good the waters had done and could not, in good conscience, remove the pond from existence. For her sacrifice, Mneme granted Morré eternal youth in order to protect the sacred waters, but over time that gift turned the young woman into a statue.

Morré is said to stand on the edge of the pond, pouring the waters from the jug into the pool. Every full moon, she is allowed to come to life and partake of the offerings left for her, to stir the pond, and to breathe the fresh air of the forest she calls her home.

summer solstice

I have always been less than friendly with the summer, and here in the desert it has become nearly impossible to force myself from the house. I have a love/hate relationship with heat and humidity, and yet I am drawn to spend the warm summer days outside. For the last 6 years, we have always found our way to the park to spend a few hours under the shade of a tree, watching the children run and play and offer pinecones to the Faerie Tree. Unfortunately, with how hot it has been and due to recent developments, both healthwise and in regards to our situation, we have not made it to the park for our annual celebration of summer. I hope that we will be able to make it to the park tomorrow, even if it is in the early evening when the sun is setting.

I know that the solstice was a few days ago, yet I continue to feel the shifting energy as the days grow warmer and the weather moves closer to Monsoon. It isn’t quite Summer until there is thunder and lightning overhead.


We haven’t seen much adventure recently, which has lulled me into a darkness. Going out and seeing our little corner of the world, exploring new places, brightens my head and heart, and it is nice to get out of the house. So, with that being said, I have been trying to find beauty and magic in my mundane surroundings, which can be quite difficult some days. However, with clouds in the sky, the electric air all around me has been an inspiration.


We are all waiting, with bated breath, for the clouds to darken and the thunder to echo in the valley; for the flashes of lightning and the rivers of rain water that flow in our yards. The earth is parched, the trees stretch up with open arms begging the skies to open up and drench the ground.


As always, the sunsets are amazing here – but there is something about Monsoon that brings a sense of wonder to the skies, more than any other time of the year. There is a darkness, a sense of worry in those grey clouds, and yet there is the brightness of the sun hitting them, illuminating them in pinks and oranges and yellows and blues. Here in the San Pedro Valley, our sunsets are not as striking and sharp as the ones in northern Arizona – they are more gentle and soft, less like the sun cutting through the sky over the desert and more like a blanket being laid over the earth.


For the time being, I will continue working on doing crafts with the children, letting them be kids, because with everything that has been happening they need some sort of normalcy in their lives. I hope I can share some of their creations with you in the coming weeks.


With all of the recent changes, life has taken a turn onto a more adventurous path. We have done things we never thought of doing, and have learned a few lessons along the way. We are blessed to have such an amazing friend, adopted mum, and nana in Thorius and to have such an energetic little bundle of love in HL. Sun and Moon, and even I, are still adjusting to this new way of life, but we are so glad to have a roof over our heads and food on the table and a loving family that takes us as we are.


Our lives are filled with new sights and stories and songs, and I am working on writing them all down. I even found an amazing travel journal that will serve as a place to keep all of our adventures cohesive for future generations. Not all of our adventures will be put down (mostly because sometimes we do not do much but drive around a neighbourhood at sundown), but those that reach our souls, tickle our spirits, and excite our minds will be recorded.

With everything happening recently, I have not been writing at all. As you can see, I rarely post here anymore – that is not because I have lost the words, the songs, but because I have been so preoccupied with life and how it has been changing. I am still picking up pieces and trying to reassemble the puzzle and find myself, but with each day it seems that I am getting closer to finding the right rhythm.

This whole situation is an adventure, and it is one that will teach us all valuable lessons and help us along our path as a family and our individual paths.

Until next time, my friends <3


As a way to keep going, I will leave a bit of what I have been up to recently (instead of writing).

For Today

Looking out my window
It has been warm, the temperature steadily rising a few degrees each day. The breeze has been nice, but I long for the storms of Monsoon. The birds sing and the children play in the yard. It is peaceful in all of its noise.
I am thinking
About so many things… Too many on my mind and I cannot seem to put the puzzles together.
I am thankful
for having access to medical care.
One of my favourite things
waking up from a nap feeling refreshed instead of feeling unsteady and unsure.
I am creating
a photography project that centres around mental illness and portraying it realistically instead of with pretty faces and costumes.
I am wearing
comfy blue shorts and a comfy pink shirt
I am reading (read) /watching (watched) / listening to
Braiding Sweetgrass by Robin Wall Kimmerer (reading)
Indie stations (Google Music)
I recently sat down and watched one of my all time favourite movies, Coraline.
I am hoping
for a bit of peace in this maelstrom I call my life.
I am learning
to practice my spirituality each and every day, even if what I do is small.
In the school room

we are working with my Sun on his reading – he is not much of a reader, but he is showing progress.

In my garden
we are still working on getting the garden started. my friend has a few lovely plants growing in her kitchen, and they need to be transplanted here shortly.
Shared Quote
“Sometimes I wish I could photosynthesize so that just by being, just by shimmering at the meadow’s edge or floating lazily on a pond, I could be doing the work of the world while standing silent in the sun.”
– Robin Wall Kimmerer, Braiding Sweetgrass.
A moment from my day
taken on 13 May 2017, during a maternity photo session I was hired for. I love the desert. <3

Closing Notes
I want everyone to know that I have not forgotten about this blog, that I have not forgotten my work as a writer, that I have not lost touch with anyone or anything. I am, however, dealing with severe health issues, both mental and physical, and dealing with moving and all of the changes that separation causes. I will come back, with my head screwed on a bit tighter, I just need a while to reassess life and words and beliefs and concepts. I hope that you will all  check in with me throughout this process because your support truly means the world to me <3