Photography is a way for me to connect with that simple, yet so complex, something that surrounds us each day. I make pictures for myself, to identify with the unseen qualities of the world around us, to better understand the undefined lines of connection between humanity and nature, and to honour the world that I was born into. A better understanding of both myself and my world allows me to explore fragmented thoughts and emotions, and to interact with the natural world in a way that I would, otherwise, be unable to do. My goal is to create photos that inspire a person’s spirit, that bring them to a place where they no longer feel disconnected from the trees, the flowers, and the sky. My photographs are a sort of meditation-not only for my body and my eyes, but for my soul as well.


-liminal space-
the spaces in-between…

forgotten structures of southern arizona…

-florals + botanicals-
flowers and bushes and leaves…

-our lady of the sierras shrine-
sacred space within the huachuca mountains in southern arizona