Drowned in the blinding rays of the sun, shrouded in a cloak of stars and moonlight, deep in the waters of the soul, I write. My tales are washed in emotions, fueled by the shadows we so often fight, and friends of the pits of our being that we hide from the world. They are about the darkest parts of ourselves, the saddest and the angriest and the most pained aspects; they are laced, here and there, with love and tender joy and the soul-deep connection we all yearn to find. 

Publishing my work was always a goal of mine–I have put seven projects into print, and eight projects into ebook format. I have always known that my style and subject matter were particular and directed toward a specific audience; this has never been a real problem for me, but I fought to get my work out there, just in case. Now, after having been drowned by this darkness that follows me, I find myself longing for something else. I find myself in need of a different style of showing my work.

With all of this in mind, I have decided to transform my work and bring it here. Each project has been remastered with love and inspiration and is available as a PDF. If you are interested in my projects, please click the “pay with PayPal” button. Each collected piece will be sent to you via email, with a personalised thank you note included.

Projects are $4.00 each. 
The Fallen Silk


The Fallen Silk

Synopsis: Newly divorced Effie Wickes moves into her mother’s forest cottage after her untimely death. As she is dealing with the loss, and the pain and fear from her abusive marriage, she is driven down the path to madness as her mother’s ghost haunts her and something ancient and cold stalks her from the tree line that surrounds her home. Will she learn to live with the creature that haunts her day and night, or will it scare her into an early grave, just as it did her mother? 116 pages


The Twilight Garden


The Twilight Garden

Synopsis: Josephine Bray is not insane. She is not delusional, nor are the things that she sees and hears mere hallucinations. She has a connection to every event that has ever happened on the grounds of her ancestral home, Whitmour Manor, whether traumatic or not. As a child, she thought they were her friends, imaginary or otherwise. She did not understand what she was experiencing. Put down and ignored by her mother, Josephine retreated into her own mind and began to develop relationships with the people that were not there. As she aged, her mother sought professional help for her daughter, but no one seemed to be able to help her. That is, until Doctor Leland Scott was called upon after the untimely death of Mr. Reginald Bray, Josephine's father.  With the help of her psychologist, Josephine travels down the halls of her home and the memories that are hidden within the locked rooms, the boarded servants tunnels, and the mysterious garden tucked away in the foggy forest. Will Josephine and Leland find out the truth of what happened at Whitmour Manor? Will they ever be able to forget the connection they have? 108 pages


The Witches of Marble Falls


The Witches of Marble Falls

Synopsis: Nestled off the highway within trees, on the banks of a lake covered in fog and surrounded by mountains capped in white, rests the small town of Marble Falls. The Wakefield siblings -- Emilia and Valerie and Daphne and Harvey -- are sent to live with their aunts Agatha and Kittie after their parents are killed in a hit and run. Confused about their mothers fear of the town and inspired by their aunts' strange abilities, Emilia and Valerie dive into the towns rich history of Witchcraft and find that some questions are best left unanswered. 104 pages


Persephone and Hades.png


Persephone and Hades

Synopsis: We all know the myth of how Hades saw Persephone and just had to have her as his wife. In the myth, there is an abduction and other negative things that paint Hades in a horrible way. But, what if the truth of that myth was something beautiful and filled with love and longing and destiny? What if Demeter, Persephone's mother who was heartbroken at her daughter leaving her and enraged by the fact that she would be in the Underworld, spread lies about their story? This tale sheds a new light on what happened between Persephone and Hades, and it shows that there can be light in the darkest of places, and darkness in the sunlight. 91 Pages



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