book review: claudia’s story

I recently finished reading a book that has been on my mental “to read” list for some time. Below is my review of it:

Interview with the Vampire: Claudia's Story

Interview with the Vampire: Claudia’s Story by Ashley Marie Witter

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I had seen this graphic novel for some time, but never really had the urge to buy it. I had a love/hate relationship with Claudia while reading through the series, but when my best friend offered to buy it for me, I couldn’t resist. And I was not disappointed.

The first thing I noticed was the artwork – it is so detailed and so beautiful, it literally brought tears to my eyes. Each page is a true masterpiece, and the artist captured the characters perfectly. She took Anne Rice’s descriptions and turned them into people, not just words or images in my mind – she made them real.

As for the actual storyline, I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was well written. It is obviously from Claudia’s point of view, and having that insight into her thoughts and feelings about the entire ordeal of her creation and life was eye-opening. It gave me more of a fondness for the character, a softness that I hadn’t had before.

Overall, this is an amazing read and I will be recommending it to anyone I know that has enjoyed Anne Rice’s vampires.

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blooming and blessing…

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Come to the Sacred Fire, 
and dance and drum for your Heart,
as the day to day intrudes upon your desire,

let the Fire shield you,
from the intensities of the world,
and remember your Tribe,
who loves you as you are,
for then the Harmony that you found within,

will continue throughout the days.

–Alice Dilts

It is passed the mid-point. I have experienced six full months of this year. I have been both inspired and completely devoid of creative thought; I have been a raging volcano and a gentle meadow; I have felt disconnected from everything around me just to find my way back to the Great Spirit. I toe the line between silent observer and active participant in my own life.

Thus far, this year holds nothing of what I envisioned for it, at least not on the surface – that is not to say that the things that happened are wrong in their happening. I cannot say, with certainty, what I wanted this year to hold – perhaps peace and love and happiness and all of the lovely things that all gentle-souled people want in life. However, I can say that the things I have been led to are capable of bringing about the things I wanted for this year, should I commit to them.

The seeds of everything I have wanted are still under the surface, they are still warming and working within the soil. Their roots are slow growing, it seems, and I spend a lot of time in the darkness with them. This is not the same cold, dark water that rises and engulfs me on a regular basis – this is a warm darkness, a damp darkness that inspires life to explode after the summer rains. It is the darkness that cradles us in the womb, the darkness where creativity lives, deep within our thoughts and souls.

I find change difficult. I often prefer to keep things the way that they are because I fear the instability of the future, should something happen to joggle the space that I occupy. And yet, this year has been filled with little changes, little quakes that make me stumble. On a deeper level, I understand that change is a necessary part of life – without change, nothing could ever grow – but I fear it, in a sense. Far too often, I ask what will happen? or I say what if this… and I am left to agonise over what the future holds. I am learning to stop myself, to smell the flowers and to hear the birds and to feel the wind in my hair, instead of considering all of the possible outcomes of any given situation. I find that, when I feel too stuck in useless ponderings, I begin to clean. It roots me to the hear and now, and I am able to focus on something other than my anxious thoughts.

I have decided to not actively consider things that I want to change this year, unless absolutely necessary. Even then, my involvement in the changes have been, and will continue to be, as minimal as possible. I want to see where the days lead me, where I am taken by not regretting decisions. Perhaps this entire year is a Late Spring/Early Summer year in my life, a planting year, a year of making deep roots instead of rushing to bloom before sleeping for another Winter.

the awen alone // review


It has been a long while since last I devoured a book in less than a single day – however, The Awen Alone by Joanna van der Hoeven, seems to have been the best book to light a flame within my soul at this point in my life. As you all know, most likely well at this point, I struggle with spirituality – there is a logic within me that denies the existence of the things that I have experienced. I feel at war with myself on a daily basis because I know what I feel, in my heart and in my body, yet my mind tries so hard to negate it.

Joanna weaves information with personal experience in such a way that makes the path real – not just words on the page or lofty ideals. She lays out, with honesty, the amount of commitment that this path requires of someone – and she does this in such a way that the academic side, the learning aspects, are as undaunting as it could be.


Daily practice has been a formidable foe for many months now – I have been unsure of how to handle the concept, and how to incorporate it into my day to day. Joanna, in service to the path of Druidry and to the Pagan community at large, helps to establish an understandable and accessible guideline for ways to integrate daily prayer, meditation, and pathworking (both inner and outer) into the quiet moments of our days.

Though the topics explored within its pages were simple and the barest minimum to get one started down the path of Druidry – ranging from the Who, to the What, with a bit of How dashed here and there – Joanna shared her knowledge for the Seekers of the world to absorb with truth, honesty, and service.

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the awen alone by joanna van der hoeven


Many things have been happening, both within my head and heart and within our home. I made the choice to have a solid place that is my own, for my writing and my art. I will still have Desert Starlight, and we will still be doing our Waldorf Inspired homeschooling – and I will continue to host the forest and the sea, but this blog is my personal space where there is no need to document lessons or to focus on growth and personal development or exploration. This is a place to share my writing, my art, my passion.

Perhaps this choice comes from years of blogging dysphoria, a feeling of never knowing if what I am working on, what I am blogging about, is worth it and always trying to find my niche. Who knows? Perhaps it is because I am finally working on getting myself organised and I feel like my personal life and my professional life should be separate – and, regardless of how I feel at any given moment, writing and art are my professions.

So, here we are. I am hoping to get a schedule set up for blogging on all three of my blogs more regularly. I may do dumps on the homeschooling blog because that is primarily for documentation, but I hope to keep this one and the forest and the sea as regular as I can. Please, bear with me as I figure things out and get things in order.